Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lemmon update!

 GoOd DaY!!!
 Well here is a brief update! Stockton got his helmet off the first of December. So it's a wonderful thing not to try and kill people for there rude questions and stares when we were out in public. He is doing well, still in physical therapy he is a late bloomer. But even though he may not be walking or running yet!! He crawls up a storm!! I have to keep after him!! And sometimes I don't even realize he is right behind me, following me everywhere! He truly is the Apple of my eye!! Even though he is a Lemmon!  ;o)
   Scott is still on his on going quest for work! He does plan on enrolling in School for the Spring. I told him he need's to go after his passion. Even if his passion is being  an institute teacher which he fears is not enough to support a family. I would rather him become what he wants not what may just pay the bills!! He is a doting and caring Husband and Father. Stocky has him wrapped around his little finger!! He is a wonderful man with a very big heart.
   Now the moment we all have been waiting for me?!?!!! Nothing new has changed with my health I am afraid. I still battle a war to keep food down. My pain is on going,and sometimes overbearing!! But I am a woman of faith. I know God has a purpose for these trials. And that some day it will end. There is light at the end of every tunnel. I am still just going through the darkness. But all the love,prayers,care and support of my family.Keeps me alive and going.Well I think that just about covers it!! God bless all, especially if you read this and are still awake!!
Love Crystal Lemmon a.k.a. Red!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Crazy Crafting CHiCkS

I spent some time with my sis last week and we had some fun antiquing eating and crafting.
 my MIL let me pick out some early birthday gifts. I picked out an apron and puffy paints to make a cute apron for when I am going to work on my paint projects.

AFTER~ "ART DOES ROCK!" i LOVE ed Hardy so I kinda went with that vibe.
MY SIS suggested adding some fun ribbons around the neck of the apron. She had some fun punk rock looking ones. So we tied them around it.
CLOSE up of the skull. Its not easy working with puff paint, but I am pleased with how it turned out.
My sis crafting too!
She turned this ugly door she found from this~ Before
to this! After
and what do you do when you are tired of CRAFTING and need a snack? You hide in your sisters pantry from the kids so you don't have to share the TWIZZLERS.  lOVE you sis!
I am linking up with Craft-O-Maniac for My sisters FIRST linky party HERE.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mommy and Me Photo Shoot

I won a Mommy and Me Photo shoot at a local photography studio "Hot Shot Images" It was a giveaway for FATHERS DAY. I was so thrilled to win!!! You had to write about your spouse... "What makes your hubby a great dad? and why he deserves to have these/the photos?" So I wrote about my sweet Scotty, and I WON! I will share with you some of the great photos that were taken. My sister and mom tagged along that day for support and help. We all had fun and got lunch afterwards.

Sorry I am not the best blogger, I don't have Internet and my baby keeps me busy too. Plus with continual health problems I battle that as well. Some days are better then others. Also, I spend time with Scotty when he is home. However, I am alive and enjoy my time with my family and my sis. Thankfully she helps me with all this bloggy stuff too!!!

A little Stockton update for you too: Stockton is 15 mos old now 21 lbs 6 oz. and is a super happy fun baby. He is in physical therapy to strengthen his tummy muscles that will help him to walk and provide him the ability to feel and use his feet as well. He has recently been fitted for a helmet and will get the helmet THIS upcoming Monday. His skull has to be re-shaped because he has "FLATTY HEAD." Its actually fairly common in babies. The helmet will sure help. The fam. and I are as well as can be. I am super excited for FALL and my fav. HOLIDAY Halloween. We already have our fam. costume theme, and I have been on the hunt for the stuff to make the costumes.... TBC..... Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

please pray for me!

AS YOU ALL can  SEE, I don't blog that much. I am either to sick, to weak, therefore sleeping, working, spending time with  my family, and taking care of my sweet baby. (and even taking care of my baby is a challenge. It breaks my heart and I feel so awful about it!)

I am in extreme pain again. WAIT' I am always in pain, but I somehow learn to deal with it. Pain meds help too. However, this pain is agonizing and it may be another flippen hernia this will be number 4. I JUST WANT TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE, AND BE A NORMAL WOMAN, WIFE, AND MOTHER! I would love for you (who ever you are) to please pray for me! That by some miracle there is an angel on earth aka a fabulous doctor who will get my diagnosis and get me well. MUCH LOVE, and thanks! CRYSTAL AKA RED!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Here i a little Christmas highlight for you. Stockton's first visit on Santa's Lap!

Okay here we are at the beginning of "2010", and how was 2009? not to shabby, I gave birth to our son in April on the 14th to be exact. I got a new car a PT Cruiser champaigne white! My Hubby graduated from medical claims specialist school! We moved into the casita to save $ for a house! And I got offered $20,000,000, a year for my art work! All facts are fabulous and true, minus the last one! He, He, I was just reflecting on one of my dreams ;0)! I am hoping for a good new year, that's if I survive January, I am already off to a good start! (sarcasm) January is a rough month for me. It has been in the past any how!

I am anxious for my Man to find a good paying job, so I can quit and be at home where I belong! I also hope to find a good house within our means. Other than those two thing's, I am just playing the game of life and how it comes and goes! I hope all my family and friends have a great New Year with great luck! And that you and me can all hope for the best and survive through the worst! I Love all my family and want good things for them! So God Bless!
Love Crystal a.k.a. Red!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I know my blog is lame~ but please dont forget me!

Stockton 7 almost 8 mos.

Don't forget me~ because I am still alive HA HA!

Things have been fairly busy around this bustling time. I take care of my monkey love, the home, needs, bills, errands,  I work, and now the holiday stuff as well. My health... do I have to go there? YEP' that is my big "REAL" big prob. in life. Its a part of me so I learn to deal and except it. Its a challenge everyday!

I have had a fun month crafting holiday crafts, buying gifts here and there and putting up a tree and some other stuff in our little cozy abode. Stockton is so cute and chubby, and growing so big, and not just up, I mean out. His dimples make me so happy. Scott is working hard and got a call from WA county so he may be working there soon "on call" as a civilian officer. I am hoping I can quit in January, I really, with my health and all, want to, and need to be home with monkey. We will see, its up to THE LORD. I am STUNNED this year is nearly over.. and we will soon be onto a new one, and then shortly after that my stocky will be one... WOWZERS! well I need to go finish getting ready for my work Christmas party, and then tomorrow getting Christmas Cards made out and sent out. Hope you all have a FABULOUS wonderful BEAUTIFUL Holiday, and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a GREAT DAY to craft, and hang with my BIG sister

Is there anything better then crafting, eating, and being with fam.? YEAH' hanging w/ your best friend... your big sis. Scott, Stockton, and I met up with Jenn and Kev in town where Jenn and i got some craft stuff on sale at Roberts. Then we all headed To Jenn and Kev's for lunch and to craft and hang out.

Here is me giving Stockton his FIRST taste of a pickle.........
I KNOW YOUR LAUGHING.... here is his face after he tasted it!
Here you can kinda see his sweet dimples. I love my monkey love!
Here is me, I AM~ crafting away, painting a pumpkin.
and a witch hat.
Here is my witch (hat and all) and skeleton jars I made.
Time for lunch.. Cheese.
Kev dog was so awesome. He prepped everything for all of us to have delicious sandwiches. He doesn't love his food at all.
Jenn got a picture of her sandwich... drooling yet? Nothing's better then a sandwich with all the fixings, and on GOOD SOFT bread!
jENN and I are talking about hanging and crafting again on Friday... can't wait! P.S. my health WELL' lets just say its my trial in life right now. I have learned how to manage and deal with it, meds. and such do help. PRAYERS TOO. ;)